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Brazenhead Poetry: October 18th, 2017

The Philosopher

Written by Edna St. Vincent Malay & read by Skye Cleary

And what are you that, wanting you, I should be kept awake As many nights as there are days With weeping for your sake? And what are you that, missing you, As many days as crawl I should be listening to the wind And looking at the wall? I know a man that's a braver man And twenty men as kind, And what are you, that you should be The one man in my mind? Yet women's ways are witless ways, As any sage will tell,— And what am I, that I should love So wisely and so well?


Written & read by Elana Seplow-Jolley

And then I take all the pieces, the loose ones coming apart off the fray

I sift them slow between my fingers and the table

small fractals of glass coming off to lodge

in the grooves of the wood where I have

placed my hands before.

And I lay my hands there over the pieces and I begin—

I slide them back and forth, back and

forth with no mind to the sting

until the faces are smoother

and less defined

the edges more

jagged and


And when I forget they are there

I dust my hands absently against my shins

press my face close to the table

and see the pattern there all along.

You are not the one for me, I whisper.

No, you are not the one.

My fingers trace the tiles

into their proper quiet places.

freedom Written & read by Dan Chung

guessing turn by turn wandering a labyrinth circular time loss leisure time squandered spent choosing labor wages believed not a slave eat sleep drink shit sex mechanical life fulfilled wild horses roam money only buys what others willingly sell short-term shortcut fix

what is a human? vehicle for energy cosmic channeler

blessed nature's embrace wind water plants soil sun earthly baptism

the kingdom's treasure reserved for those that seek with- out expectation

ecstatic open heart available to all here today's eternal from womb to graveyard chance to build a sacred life worthy of worship

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