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Brazenhead Poetry: December 11th, 2017

need Written & Read by Dan Chung

good at fulfilling

needs but do they fulfill you?

options as duties

separation's ruse:

tender sweetness to return

home to our us-ness

time apart relished

precious precursor to join

reunited joy

jealousy: a fear

how can you lose what's not yours?

possess paradox

desire and loss

aversion to discomfort

risk all to gain all

trying is futile

cannot keep together what

doesn't want to stay

allow yourself truth

courage sprouts in that plowed field

tilled by acceptance

feel you are worthy

of love freedom happiness

despite what you think

Shadow Love Written & Read by Rebecca Geiger Come swim with me. Under the full moon, Under the bright stars above. I love you. Your hands on mine, Your strong back over me. I will draw you, then everyone will see Your naked beauty. Only now I see you, now I don’t So quiet, like the wind, You’re a whisper Or white, a ghost Only don’t go Stay with me.

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